Wednesday, March 28, 2012

perfect summer drink.

lime rickeys are by far my favorite summer drink of all time. i love mine with grape flavoring. 

im not sure if its just me... but does it seem like everyone has forgotten about this amazing beverage? if so, here i am to save the day and re-introduce all of you to the lime rickey. 

there are many different recipe variations for this drink. basically, you want to combine grape and lime flavors in a carbonated liquid. that being said, feel free to use soda water, lemon/lime soda, grape soda, lime juice, grape juice, fresh limes, grape syrup, (i do not recommend fresh grapes though) or any combination of these. play around until you find the perfect ratios for your taste buds. i like mine with lots of grape syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice! and if youre looking to get really crazy, try using an alternative to the grape flavor. perhaps raspberry, cherry, mango, pinapple... anything you fancy!

I like to serve in a chilled glass or over crushed ice with a few fresh squeezed lime wedges and a little umbrella!


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