Monday, March 26, 2012


now that the sun is shining every single day, its time to start a sunglass addiction! i prefer the shape of cat eyes and have quite the collection. here are a few of my favorite cat eye sunnies if you are looking to add to your collection or start a brand new one!

i already own a few of these styles... but i would love to add a few more to my collection. specifically the prada and tom ford beauties!



  1. Tom Ford ones are to die for...i Picked up some very similar vintage ones for £6.00 at a vintage fair a couple of weeks back. They are quite flimsy and feel like they could easily fall apart but hey they look great :)

  2. I just found your blog (via Temperamental Broad) and it's really great:-)
    I just added myself to you list of "followers"!
    I started a blog myself, a little while ago...check it out if you like:

    1. thanks dina! im still very new to blogging and hope to make this blog much better in time, but im glad you enjoy it. your blog is very cute aswell :)