Tuesday, May 1, 2012

summer project.

sorry for my absence as of late. i really dont have a great excuse. anyway, here are some photos of the mr. and my summer project!

we got rid of the '53 which made a lot more room in the back yard to work on the '54.

The '54 buick special is the mr.'s baby. and of course i adore her too! we got her very early in our relationship and he always tells people that he knew he loved me when i asked if i could please go with him on the six hour drive to pick her up. 

we have not been able to work on her nearly as much as we would like. you know, when you have the money, you dont have the time, and vise versa. but we are thinking that this is going to be the summer. we have lots of great friends and plenty of pabst to help with this project. we are hoping to drive her to viva next year!

does anyone else have any big summer projects going on?


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  1. She will be a beauty for sure when done. Buicks are my favourite :)