Sunday, April 15, 2012

viva las vegas 15 (part one)

a week has gone by since viva and i am just now getting around to looking through photos and posting.  i did not take nearly as many photos as i would have liked, nor did the quality of most of the photos turn out great (thanks to four straight days of pabst consumption). anyway... here are some of the photos from festivities that took place indoors:

i was so excited to meet holly of temperamental broad and be able to take a photo with her. she is so stinkin cute and little in real life!

this is the main ballroom. so big and pretty and perfect to watch big bands and dance!

these are the gentlemen in the ballroom looking tough for us ladies.

the mr. and i enjoying a peek of sunlight.

the burlesque show. 

another photo of the gents.

and one of us lovely ladies!

i also ran into my boss tatyana (the owner of bettie page clothing), and claire sinclair at the car show.

i will be posting lots of photos of the car show tomorrow!



  1. Yayyyy. I have been awaiting everyone's posts on VLV... dont keep the next part away from us for too long now :)

  2. Awe thanks sweetie! It was great meeting you too!! You are sooooo tall! Lol!