Sunday, March 18, 2012

oh dear.

once upon a time (on saturday) while i was walking to work, wearing this (not so glamorous) outfit, a stranger called at me from across the street by yelling, "dita!!!!" as the guy began to cross the street to make his way to me, i started to panic! flattered as i was (of course) to be mistaken for dita, i was much more embarrassed. not only am i socially awkward to begin with. i couldnt think of what to say. so i just waived and called out, "sorry to disappoint..." i started walking even faster and didnt look back. poor guy. maybe if i wasnt so awkward i would have stopped and chatted and giggled about the mistaken identity. but nope, i was off and running.

i suppose key factors like polished hair, cat eye glasses, and an overall retro aesthetic are to blame. but i cant help but think that the poor guys needs glasses.

anyway... this incident got me to thinking... why am i so shy, anxious, and socially awkward around people i dont know? and how do i change this and be more personable? 

anyone have any tips?



  1. Im afraid i have no tips as i would be exactly the same. I probably wouldnt have even thought up anything to say and scurried off without a word. I suppose I maybe just worry about what people think because i have a tendancy to come out with some really strange things and think people just won't get my dorky ways.
    Anyways it's a nice compliment and i can definately see the similarities, even your muth shape looks similar :)

    1. thank you for understanding how i feel! im sure that most of the time people find me strange. and maybe i just am just, very strange. but im okay with that :)

  2. My sentiments exactly. good on you gal :)

  3. Wow, I'd love to be mistaken for Dita. I'm usually mistaken for a math nerd. If it were me I'd probably just give the thumbs up and keep on truckin because I wouldnt know what to say either.