Sunday, February 5, 2012

had to have it!

i know, i know, i say that about a lot of things. but this was one of those love at first sight moments and i have only had a few of those in my life. since im not fond of heartbreak, i knew this amazing sofa needed to come live with me!

i first laid eyes on this beauty at my favorite local vintage furniture store, elemente (i will do a thorough post about them later). the sofa had just barely come into the store and was not priced yet. i jumped and put it on hold right away! if there is one thing i know about elemente, its that you need to be the first to see something. by the time i was given the price a day later, there were multiple admirers and people tallied up after my name waiting to make this sofa theirs. 

i didnt really have the money, but i always find a way when there is something i want! did i mention im a scorpio haha. anyway, i had milo come look at it with me one afternoon. she makes much more rational decisions than i do and i knew she would be my voice of reason. the moment she walked into elemente she said, "oh my god, you have to get it!" not quite the reaction i was expecting, but i had my answer.

since milo was so eager, i coaxed her into helping me move it into my place. i was not able to find any strong boys, and my poor boyfriend has a bad back. so there we were, two strong girls moving a sofa in the rain and up several flights of stairs. we did it and im so proud of us!

i love everything about it. the color. the upholstery. the size. the comfort. and its in perfect condition. this is my very first sofa and im sure i will enjoy it for many years to come!


p.s. i neglected to mention that my sofa splurge totally pushed milo into buying a very similar one of her own. she had been eyeing it for awhile and, being a very supportive friend, i told her that she, "had to have it!" so yes, we both bought mid century sofas on the very same day. sometimes i think we are soulmates ;)

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