Monday, January 16, 2012

my favorite local dive.

burts tiki lounge is my favorite venue to consume pabst and take in great music. the stage is small and the setting is intimate, just as any great dive should be. 

milo, my partner in crime joined me for two nights of burts festivities. anytime we go anywhere together it seems to turn out interesting... to say the least!

the first band we saw was the blue moon bombers. milo and i were smitten the second they covered a danzig song. they were really great and mikey their stand up bass player bought us some barley pop and gave me a band shop rag. thanks mikey!

the other band we saw was mayson lee and the rock & roll space studs. mayson is a pint sized pistol whom i absolutely fell in love with. we became fast friends, mostly thanks to the fact that i was intoxicated enough to be social and introduce myself. hopefully this is the beginning of a fun new friendship!

i look forward to many more nights at burts. and if you happen to see me there, dont be shy!


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