Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bathroom envy.

i am in the process of revamping my bathroom decor and have been looking at amazing vintage bathrooms. mine pales in comparison to any of these, but at least its vintage!

man, they just dont make anything like they used to, do they! i mean seriously, where did all the character and pizzaz go? nowadays it seems like everything is so plain and boring. call it minimalism if you like, but i prefer the loud, over the top designs and attention to detail of yesteryear. 

photos of my bathroom coming in the near future.



  1. Those bathrooms are fantastic! Photo number 2 is my fave.

  2. I agree, most modern bathrooms are a yawn and a half. I love the colors in number 2 & 3 especially. The third one from the bottom freaks me out a bit, just because it's the bathroom from a scary scene in The Shining!